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2014 Welcombe Wobbler Results.xlsxDanny Tolhurst16.05Kb19th Oct 2014
Wobbler.jpgDanny Tolhurst456.28Kb19th Oct 2014
2014 Trembler results.xlsxDanny Tolhurst12.62Kb19th Oct 2014
2014 Wobbler Results.xlsxDanny Tolhurst16.03Kb19th Oct 2014
Cov Runner.jpgDanny Tolhurst17.49Kb9th Oct 2014
notes.jpgEmily Adams5.56Kb8th Oct 2014
sac swim.JPGRichard Eden67.09Kb16th Sep 2014
sac medals.JPGRichard Eden79.97Kb16th Sep 2014
sac run.JPGRichard Eden29.85Kb16th Sep 2014
sac team.JPGRichard Eden54.5Kb16th Sep 2014
sac wetsuits.JPGRichard Eden50.78Kb16th Sep 2014
sac winners.JPGRichard Eden71.28Kb16th Sep 2014
sac2a.jpgRichard Eden77.62Kb16th Sep 2014
sac3.JPGRichard Eden48.43Kb16th Sep 2014
Welcombe Wobbler & Trembler course map.pdfDanny Tolhurst403.65Kb5th Sep 2014
NEW STT-Logo.jpgChris Bacon682.24Kb25th Aug 2014
shakespeare divs 2014 Masterlv1 Dist Copy Aug.xlsmTony Jackson86.29Kb24th Aug 2014
Welcombe entry form 2014.docDanny Tolhurst46Kb17th Aug 2014
WW.jpgDanny Tolhurst86Kb17th Aug 2014
FPS.pngDanny Tolhurst8.4Kb17th Aug 2014
Stratford AC Inter-Club Track & Field 2014 fully updated.xlsDanny Tolhurst39.5Kb27th Jul 2014
dscn1059 crop (2).jpgDanny Tolhurst1.22Mb25th Jul 2014
DSCN1067 crop.jpgDanny Tolhurst1.78Mb25th Jul 2014
DSCN1136 crop.jpgDanny Tolhurst1.46Mb25th Jul 2014
DSCN1081 crop.jpgDanny Tolhurst2.03Mb25th Jul 2014
DSCN1110 crop.jpgDanny Tolhurst1.34Mb25th Jul 2014
shakespeare divs 2014 Masterlv1 Dist Copy July.xlsmTony Jackson81.11Kb19th Jul 2014
Club minutes Jun 2014.docTony Jackson37Kb18th Jul 2014
Sports Club Draft Menu (1).docxTony Jackson21.53Kb3rd Jul 2014
Summer Six Results 2014.xlsSarah Bland59Kb3rd Jul 2014
Summer Six Results 2014.xlsSarah Bland59Kb1st Jul 2014
Summer Six Results 2014.xlsSarah Bland53Kb30th Jun 2014
Summer Six Results 2014.xlsSarah Bland53Kb30th Jun 2014
Summer Six Results 2014.xlsSarah Bland58.5Kb29th Jun 2014
Results.xlsSarah Bland58.5Kb29th Jun 2014
Results.xlsSarah Bland58.5Kb29th Jun 2014
Results.xlsSarah Bland58.5Kb29th Jun 2014
KW SW.jpgDanny Tolhurst2.37Mb29th Jun 2014
Winners.jpgDanny Tolhurst1.88Mb29th Jun 2014
Live Grand Prix Scoring 240614.xlsRichard Eden66.5Kb24th Jun 2014
shakespeare divs 2014 Masterlv1 Dist Copy June.xlsmTony Jackson80.44Kb23rd Jun 2014
Tri Grand Prix Race List 2014.pdfRichard Eden121.9Kb13th Jun 2014
hilly100 results sheet2014 Finala.xlsxTony Jackson21.95Kb26th May 2014
hilly100 results sheet2014 Final.xlsxTony Jackson21.73Kb26th May 2014
shakespeare divs 2014 Dist CopyMay.xlsTony Jackson206.5Kb24th May 2014
hilly100 route desc leg3 2014.pdfTony Jackson74.2Kb11th May 2014
hilly100 route leg4 2014 version.pdfTony Jackson1.37Mb10th May 2014
hilly100 route leg4 2014 version.pdfTony Jackson1.37Mb10th May 2014
WRRL Calendar 2014 (1).pdfPaul Hawkins31.6Kb22nd Apr 2014
WRRL Calendar 2014 (1).pdfPaul Hawkins31.6Kb22nd Apr 2014
Malcolm and Phil - London Marathon 2014.jpgDanny Tolhurst150.58Kb17th Apr 2014
Stratford AC - London 2014.jpgDanny Tolhurst165.1Kb17th Apr 2014
Emily and Zoe.jpgDanny Tolhurst29.69Kb8th Apr 2014
Summer Six Entry Form 2014.docxChris Bacon383.9Kb5th Apr 2014
Summer Six Entry Form 2014.docxChris Bacon383.9Kb5th Apr 2014
Murphy Salisbury Logo.jpgChris Bacon168.88Kb5th Apr 2014
Summer Six Entry Form 2014.docxJason Fretter383.9Kb5th Apr 2014
Hilly 100 Leg 4 2014 route.pdfSarah Bland3.83Mb23rd Mar 2014
Hilly 100 Leg 3 2014 route.pdfSarah Bland2.97Mb23rd Mar 2014
Hilly 100 Leg 4 2014.gpxSarah Bland7.93Kb23rd Mar 2014
Hilly 100 Leg 3 2014.gpxSarah Bland12.21Kb23rd Mar 2014
sarah wheeler (2).jpgDanny Tolhurst1.55Mb22nd Mar 2014
emma (2).jpgDanny Tolhurst184.37Kb22nd Mar 2014
agm14 agenda.docTony Jackson55Kb19th Mar 2014
ChrisBacon.JPGChris Bacon388.06Kb1st Mar 2014
ChrisBacon.JPGChris Bacon391.06Kb1st Mar 2014
shakespeare divs 2014 Dist Copy.xlsTony Jackson202.5Kb18th Feb 2014
Minutes of Stratford AC Committee Meeting 11th Feb 2014.docxTony Jackson17.41Kb16th Feb 2014
Stratford_AC_Strategy_-_Draft[1].docTony Jackson49.5Kb23rd Jan 2014
Stratford_AC_Strategy_-_Draft[1].docTony Jackson49.5Kb23rd Jan 2014
NTRIX 2014 results revision 2.xlsChris Bacon147.5Kb21st Jan 2014
NTRIX 2014 results.xlsSarah Bland156Kb19th Jan 2014
Best times, heights, distances of 2013.docDanny Tolhurst32.5Kb6th Jan 2014
County XC Champs 4 (2).jpgDanny Tolhurst79.3Kb6th Jan 2014
County XC Champs 3 (2).jpgDanny Tolhurst74.63Kb6th Jan 2014
County XC Champs 2 (2).jpgDanny Tolhurst83.41Kb6th Jan 2014
County XC Champs (2).jpgDanny Tolhurst32.55Kb6th Jan 2014
County XC Champs 4.jpgDanny Tolhurst124.15Kb6th Jan 2014
County XC Champs 3.jpgDanny Tolhurst50.21Kb6th Jan 2014
County XC Champs 2.jpgDanny Tolhurst149.75Kb6th Jan 2014
County XC Champs.jpgDanny Tolhurst152.49Kb6th Jan 2014
2014 XC Champs - Essential information.pdfPaul Hawkins71.12Kb29th Dec 2013
complete programme 2014.pdfPaul Hawkins730.94Kb29th Dec 2013
Shakespeare Race 10K Jan 2014.docTony Jackson29.5Kb15th Dec 2013
ntrix14 entry form v1.docTony Jackson470Kb27th Oct 2013
2014 Race Info.docChris Bacon27.5Kb24th Oct 2013
ntrix14 entry form.docChris Bacon463.5Kb24th Oct 2013
shakespeare divs 2013Dist Copy.xlsTony Jackson155Kb23rd Oct 2013
Welcombe Races Results 2013.xlsDanny Tolhurst72Kb14th Oct 2013
Welcombe Races Results 2013.xlsDanny Tolhurst72.5Kb14th Oct 2013
Welcombe Races Results 2013.xlsDanny Tolhurst72.5Kb14th Oct 2013
shakespeare divs 2013Dist Copy.xlsTony Jackson151Kb7th Oct 2013
Sportsclub.pngChris Bacon146.13Kb5th Oct 2013
runner.pngChris Bacon10.76Kb5th Oct 2013
runner.pngChris Bacon14.32Kb5th Oct 2013
runner.pngChris Bacon27.83Kb5th Oct 2013
runner.jpgChris Bacon18.57Kb5th Oct 2013
SAC Aquathon Results Table 2013 Final.pdfChris Bacon90.05Kb30th Sep 2013
Highschool.pngChris Bacon178.03Kb22nd Sep 2013
SAC logo.jpgDanny Tolhurst4.94Kb15th Sep 2013
sam_0179 (3).jpgDanny Tolhurst1.74Mb14th Sep 2013
Stratford AC Inter-Club Track & Field 2013 - results.xlsDanny Tolhurst31.5Kb30th Aug 2013
Welcombe entry form 2013.docDanny Tolhurst117.5Kb21st Aug 2013
Power of 10 rankings.docDanny Tolhurst41.5Kb16th Aug 2013
2013 Club Champs Entry Form.xlsChris Bacon230.5Kb4th Aug 2013
Summer Six 2013 Full Results.xlsSarah Bland49.5Kb22nd Jul 2013
Club minutes June 13.docTony Jackson36.5Kb13th Jul 2013
hilly100 results sheet2013c.xlsTony Jackson36Kb25th Jun 2013
hilly100 results sheet2013b.xlsTony Jackson36Kb15th Jun 2013
shakespeare divs 2013Dist Copy.xlsTony Jackson110Kb10th Jun 2013
hilly100 results sheet2013A.xlsTony Jackson36Kb6th Jun 2013
hilly100 route desc leg7.pdfTony Jackson71.65Kb14th May 2013
hilly100 route desc leg6.pdfTony Jackson1.37Mb14th May 2013
hilly100 route desc leg5.pdfTony Jackson1.37Mb14th May 2013
hilly100 route leg4.pdfTony Jackson1.37Mb14th May 2013
hilly100 route leg10.pdfTony Jackson62.69Kb13th May 2013
hilly100 route leg9.pdfTony Jackson62.3Kb13th May 2013
hilly100 route leg8.pdfTony Jackson62.14Kb13th May 2013
hilly100 route leg3.pdfTony Jackson62.56Kb13th May 2013
hilly100 route leg2.pdfTony Jackson62.26Kb13th May 2013
hilly100 route leg1.pdfTony Jackson61.88Kb13th May 2013
Leg 10.pdfChris Bacon1.5Mb30th Apr 2013
Leg 9.pdfChris Bacon2.11Mb30th Apr 2013
Leg 8.pdfChris Bacon1.3Mb30th Apr 2013
Leg 7.pdfChris Bacon2.25Mb30th Apr 2013
Leg 6.pdfChris Bacon2.18Mb30th Apr 2013
Leg 5.pdfChris Bacon1.8Mb30th Apr 2013
Leg 4.pdfChris Bacon3.2Mb30th Apr 2013
Leg 3.pdfChris Bacon3.32Mb30th Apr 2013
Leg 2.pdfChris Bacon2.95Mb30th Apr 2013
Leg 1.pdfChris Bacon1.96Mb30th Apr 2013
Links to Hilly Hundred Routes.docSarah Bland26Kb30th Apr 2013
Cotswold Hilly 100 2012 T-Shirt Proof B.pdfSarah Bland287.16Kb29th Apr 2013
Snitterfield dry weather route.pdfDavid Jones388.89Kb28th Apr 2013
NTSS, instructions 080513-1.pdfDavid Jones62.52Kb28th Apr 2013
Leg 10.gpxChris Bacon7.57Kb25th Apr 2013
Leg 9.gpxChris Bacon8.04Kb25th Apr 2013
Leg 8.gpxChris Bacon10.39Kb25th Apr 2013
Leg 7.gpxChris Bacon8.28Kb25th Apr 2013
Leg 6.gpxChris Bacon10.14Kb25th Apr 2013
Leg 5.gpxChris Bacon9.22Kb25th Apr 2013
Leg 4.gpxChris Bacon8.28Kb25th Apr 2013
Leg 3.gpxChris Bacon8.06Kb25th Apr 2013
Leg 2.gpxChris Bacon8.76Kb25th Apr 2013
Leg 1.gpxChris Bacon6.06Kb25th Apr 2013
Generic Task List.xlsTony Jackson28Kb16th Apr 2013
shakespeare divs 2013Dist Copy.xlsTony Jackson110Kb13th Apr 2013
Simply Run.pngChris Bacon10.42Kb11th Apr 2013
5kentform.pdfSarah Bland577.37Kb11th Apr 2013
Summer Six 2009 Accounts.xlsSarah Bland26.5Kb10th Apr 2013
Summer Six 2010 Accounts.xlsSarah Bland35Kb10th Apr 2013
Summer Six Entry Form 2013.docSarah Bland733Kb10th Apr 2013
Summer Six Entry Form 2013.docJason Fretter728.5Kb9th Apr 2013
Summer Six Entry Form_2013 Draft.docTony Jackson727Kb7th Apr 2013
GP 2013 - RACE 4 - Ashby.pdfChris Bacon237.64Kb7th Apr 2013
GP 2013 - results up to race 4.pdfChris Bacon189.18Kb7th Apr 2013
Summer Six Entry Form_2013 Draft.docTony Jackson727Kb4th Apr 2013
SAC Monday Night Coaching Sessions.xlsRob Minton147.5Kb3rd Apr 2013
Malvern Views Flyer 2013.pdfSarah Bland239.05Kb2nd Apr 2013
Summer Six Entry Form_2013 Draft.docTony Jackson726.5Kb23rd Mar 2013
hilly100_map_leg1[1].pdfTony Jackson420.82Kb23rd Mar 2013
hilly100 invite letter13.docTony Jackson216Kb23rd Mar 2013
hilly100 entry form13.docTony Jackson232.5Kb23rd Mar 2013
Generic Task List.xlsTony Jackson13.5Kb22nd Mar 2013
shakespeare divs 2013Dist Copy.xlsTony Jackson110Kb17th Mar 2013
NCCC Reliability Trial Flyer.pdfEmma Bexson384.55Kb15th Mar 2013
2013 - Spring Dip and Dash - Event Information.pdfGraham Black3.67Mb13th Mar 2013
New Shakespeare Route - 13 March 13.JPGRob Minton235.61Kb11th Mar 2013
New Shakespeare Route - 13 March 13.JPGDaniel Lynch235.61Kb27th Feb 2013
accounts.zipTony Jackson166.1Kb24th Feb 2013
Tri Grand Prix Race List.docxGraham Black198.46Kb23rd Feb 2013
Grand Prix Scoring.xlsGraham Black71Kb23rd Feb 2013
Sandwell Triathlon 2013 event information sheet.docxGraham Black69.53Kb23rd Feb 2013
Edit Membership.PNGChris Bacon372.17Kb23rd Feb 2013
Distribution List.PNGChris Bacon8.04Kb23rd Feb 2013
shakespeare divs 2013Dist Copy.xlsTony Jackson109.5Kb14th Feb 2013
WMYACCL Races.pdfPaul Hawkins672.12Kb10th Feb 2013
WMYACCL Series.pdfPaul Hawkins1.06Mb10th Feb 2013
image002.gifRob Minton1.78Kb6th Feb 2013
image001.gifRob Minton3.01Kb6th Feb 2013
agm13 Office Holders.docTony Jackson53Kb4th Feb 2013
BCCL & MWCCL 4 Details.docxPaul Hawkins1.62Mb2nd Feb 2013
Midland Regional Cross Country Championships - Venue Information.docPaul Hawkins39.5Kb22nd Jan 2013
Timetable.docPaul Hawkins23Kb22nd Jan 2013
Stafford_Common2_2012.pdfPaul Hawkins1.44Mb22nd Jan 2013
WMYACCL Series.pdfPaul Hawkins1015Kb21st Jan 2013
WMYACCL Races.pdfPaul Hawkins582.09Kb21st Jan 2013
Georgina & Rebecca.JPGPaul Hawkins3.64Mb21st Jan 2013
WMYACCL Races.pdfPaul Hawkins580.36Kb20th Jan 2013
WMYACCL Series (1).pdfPaul Hawkins1016.46Kb20th Jan 2013
shakespeare divs 2013Dist Copy.xlsTony Jackson114.5Kb20th Jan 2013
Club minutes Jan 2013.wpsEmily Adams23Kb14th Jan 2013
2013 Marshall Positions Prov.xlsTony Jackson35.5Kb12th Jan 2013
ntrix MP locations.pdfTony Jackson236.57Kb12th Jan 2013
Directions to Wyken Croft park.docPaul Hawkins25Kb6th Jan 2013
Shakespeare Race 10K Jan 2013.docTony Jackson29.5Kb6th Jan 2013
Tri Grand Prix Race List.docx198.46Kb6th Jan 2013
Grand Prix Scoring.xls71Kb6th Jan 2013
WCAA XC Champs January 2013.pdfPaul Hawkins567.97Kb5th Jan 2013
SAC Monday Night Coaching Sessions.xlsRob Minton137.5Kb4th Jan 2013
2013 Forecast.xlsTony Jackson74.5Kb31st Dec 2012
Cross Country Championships reply final (1).pdfPaul Hawkins193.4Kb30th Dec 2012
Tri Grand Prix Race List.docx198.32Kb23rd Dec 2012
Shakespeare Race 10K Jan 2013.docTony Jackson29.5Kb18th Dec 2012
GP list 2013.pdfa GroupSpaces user161.41Kb9th Dec 2012
NOT THE ROMAN PROOF (2).pdfTony Jackson294.32Kb6th Dec 2012
Stratford Town Trust logo.gifChris Bacon2.58Kb5th Dec 2012
2012-12-01-m2-v1-1.pdfPaul Hawkins550.64Kb2nd Dec 2012
Stratford upon Avon Athletics Club Tri AGM.docxHelen Evans211.6Kb1st Dec 2012
Roger Wilson.jpgDanny Tolhurst921.71Kb19th Nov 2012
Track Hour History.xlsRob Minton100Kb19th Nov 2012
Track Hour History.xlsRob Minton95.5Kb9th Nov 2012
shakespeare divs 2012Dist Copy.xlsTony Jackson100.5Kb8th Nov 2012
Results Race 12.xlsTony Jackson15.5Kb7th Nov 2012
Directions to Newbold Comyn - Athletes 2012.docPaul Hawkins23Kb5th Nov 2012
Leamington 2012 course Map.docPaul Hawkins42.5Kb5th Nov 2012
2012 Nominations.xlsTony Jackson18.5Kb31st Oct 2012
road-seminars-autumn-2012-v3.pdfTony Jackson426.18Kb21st Oct 2012
Nomination Form 2013.pdfPaul Hawkins140.4Kb18th Oct 2012
Information Leaflet 2013.pdfPaul Hawkins515.81Kb18th Oct 2012
SCAN0170.JPGPaul Hawkins284.47Kb14th Oct 2012
2012 Awards Invitation PDF.pdfPaul Hawkins24.55Kb14th Oct 2012
Rating.xlsTony Jackson38.5Kb8th Oct 2012
shakespeare divs 2012Dist Copy.xlsTony Jackson93Kb6th Oct 2012
club_minutes_Sept 10.docTony Jackson54.5Kb6th Oct 2012
Come along and learn new coaching skills and practices from recognised England Athletics Coaches.pdfTony Jackson211.23Kb4th Oct 2012

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