Cotswold Hilly 100

2020 Race – CANCELLED

As you all have probably assumed we have had to take the decision to cancel this years race because of the current health issues and restrictions related to Covid-19.
We had hoped to leave the decision for a couple of weeks just to see how things developed but clearly recent events and the decision by England Athletics to suspend all Athletics activity up to the end of May leaves us with no choice.
We will not be looking to re-schedule for later in the year and I am sure you understand the reasons for that.
All being well we will be back in 2021 – and I will send reminders at the end of the year with details so that you can put the date in your diaries.
In the mean time I hope you are all keeping safe and healthy – and making good use of your daily opportunity to exercise.
Tony Jackson


The Cotswold Hilly 100 is a 100-mile road relay race divided into 10 legs each of approx 10 miles. The race starts at the American Fountain, Market Square, in Stratford upon Avon and finishes at the Stratford Sports Club and follows a route of mainly minor roads that meanders through the Cotswolds.

The race has been held for more than 25 years and while there have been minor tweaks to improve the safety of the runners, the overall route is largely unchanged. As the name suggests, there are a number of undulations throughout the route.

The course record is held by Massey Ferguson Running Club, who in 1989 ran a combined overall time of 9:24.

Teams start at either 5am, 6am or 7am depending on their predicted overall time with a view to finishing at 6-7pm. 

To ensure all teams finish at a reasonable time, there is the option of the ‘mass start’. This involves the leg 8 runners starting at 1.00pm and the last three legs completing the race. The leg 7 runner’s time will be recorded so that the overall team race time can be calculated.

Shields are awarded to the first men’s team, first women’s team, first ‘B’ team and first mixed team.

However, it is the club spirit this race generates that is the main attraction. Teams are responsible for supporting each runner on their leg (e.g. marshaling and first aid as required) and ensuring a successful handover at the end of each leg creates some logistical challenges. Despite the best laid plans, its not unknown for runners to lose their way or to have to continue onto the following leg because their colleague hasn’t arrived!

All profit from this race is donated to charity. Our chosen charity for the 2019 edition was the Shakespeare Hospice. 

2019 results

1 Leamington C&AC 11:33:23 (course record)
2 Kenilworth 12:11:31
3 Spa Striders 12:30:27

1 Leamington C&AC 10:16:43
2 Kenilworth 10:20:35
3 Spa Striders 10:40:29

Mens ‘B’ trophy
1 Kenilworth 11:10:57

1 Northbrook AC 11:25:54 (course record)
2 Leamington C&AC 11:58:13
3 Spa Striders 12:16:26

If you haven’t yet submitted the individual times of your team members, please drop us a note and we will incorporate them into the master results spreadsheet.

Route descriptions

Leg 1       Leg 2      Leg 3     Leg 4     Leg 5

Leg 6        Leg 7      Leg 8      Leg 9      Leg 10


Leg 1 Leg 1 Leg 1
Leg 2 Leg 2 Leg 2
Leg 3 Leg 3 Leg 3
Leg 4 Leg 4 Leg 4
Leg 5 Leg 5 Leg 5
Leg 6 Leg 6 Leg 6
Leg 7 Leg 7 Leg 7
Leg 8 Leg 8 Leg 8
Leg 9 Leg 9 Leg 9
Leg 10 Leg 10 Leg 10