Stratford Athletic Club look forward to welcoming runners to the 20 something (we have lost count) 
Not the Roman IX 
Here are some final details:
The majority of the parking will be at Stratford Bowls Club and Riverside Caravan Park,  CV37 7AB. (This is on the opposite side of the Tiddington Road to the NFU) Please follow the signs and directions of the marshals and park tightly, space is limited. 
Race HQ, which is where you collect your number, from 9am and is also the finish, is at Alveston Primary School CV37 7BZ. There is NO parking here. It is signposted from the official parking. 
We will be taking some day entries at £20 per entry (cash only).
At the school will be toilets and refreshments & baggage. You can also leave baggage at the start which is 800m away, and it will be brought back to the finish. Your race number has a tear off strip to attach to your bag for this purpose. After you finish you can collect your unique race buff. 
The race starts on a fully closed road at 11am. You then turn onto the A422 Banbury Rd which has a partial road closure on one side only. Thus it is vital that you do not stray from the left. Please stay on the left throughout the race.
There are two water stations after 4k and at 9.5k.
On your return, around the 11k point, you will be directed to cross to the right hand side in order to return to the finish. This is a dangerous stretch of road and it is  VITAL that you listen to the marshals as to when to cross. 
Headphones of any type are not allowed for this reason.
There will be a prizegiving after the race as soon as we have filled all the winning slots, please do stay if you think you have won a prize as they are cut glass trophies and difficult to send in the post! Age group prizes are in 5 year gaps from 35 to 65 plus and there is a team prize, 4 to count for men and 3 for ladies. 
Some of your entry has gone into a donation to Alveston School in the form of a raffle which will take the form of some spot prizes. 
Results will go up on line during the race on the Tempo Events results page and a link will be put on the Stratford AC page afterwards.
Your Race Day will be present taking photos and these will be available on the Monday following the race.
We hope that you have a great run and look forward to welcoming you back in 2021