Shakespeare competition

The aim of the Shakespeare Competition is to provide friendly rivalry throughout the year by a series of competitive races, held on the first Wednesday of every month.

Club members (usually in pairs) volunteer to organise the races themselves, and provide information via email or the noticeboard at least two weeks in advance (date, venue, start time, route description and/or map if possible and parking arrangements if necessary).

To encourage members to volunteer, additional points are allocated to race organisers. If you are interested in organising a race in the future, please speak to any member of the race committee.

The races may start from the Sports Club, but usually they are based from a local pub with food being provided afterwards. This ensures a range of different routes and provides an excellent post-race social occasion. To cover costs, an entry fee will be charged (currently £3 per race).

The new structure means that age points are no longer awarded but there are still additional points to be won by playing your joker. Playing your joker doubles any points you win in that particular race. Choosing which race to play your joker is your choice, but to maximise your points it will depend on your level of fitness and who else has turned up, and you must tell the race organiser before the start!

Only your best seven races count towards the competition

We also organise an annual inter-club race with Leamington Spa and Kenilworth and to encourage members to take part, these races are always incorporated into our list of Shakespeare Races. When we are not hosting, these races will probably not be on the first Wednesday of the month so they provide an additional race in our calendar.

There are separate league tables for men and women with prizes to be awarded for the top three in each league. Separately, there are age group leagues with a prize for the winner of each age group. The first three overall are not eligible for age group prizes.

2020 race dates

  • 8th January
  • 8th February
  • 4th March
  • April – Virtual
  • May – Virtual
  • June – Virtual 
  • July – Virtual
  • August – Virtual
  • September – Virtual
  • October – Virtual


2020 Shakespeare Results (Provisional)